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Outdated! [2010-03-04]SciLor's WiMoBlue Pre-Alpha v4
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Author:  SciLor [ Thu Mar 04, 2010 5:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Outdated! [2010-03-04]SciLor's WiMoBlue Pre-Alpha v4

SciLor's WiMoBlue Pre-Alpha v4

SciLor's Wireless Gamepad Software :) Now with a Smartphone Version of the Controller :)

More Info/Videos:

SciLor's WiMoBlue Pre-Alpha v4
                           .. :v
                          c:  .X
                           QM  AM
                           9M  zM
                           6M  AM
                           2M  2MX#MM@1.
                           OM  tMMMMMMMMMM;
                      .X#MMMM  ;MMMMMMMMMMMMv
           MM                                ;M.
           $M                                EM
           #M                                cM
           QM         Another Cake by        tM
           MM              SciLor            CMO
        .MMMM                                oMMMt
      .M1  BM     For all Portal Lovers!     vM  ,Mt
      1M   @M............................... WM   M6
        MM                                      MM.
         @MMY                                vMME
           UMMMbi                        i8MMMt


You will need .NET CF 3.5 (.NET CF 2.0 for Smartphone) - Link at the Bottom

This is a remote controlling software for PDAs. Mainly for using your old phone as a wireless controller for the new phone.
Very fine on Emulators like FpseCE or Morphgear.

1. Check if bluetooth is on (both devices), and pair both bluetooth devices (In windows mobile).
2. Run the Server software on the device you want to control. (Currently you may need to softreset your device, if you have close the serve once).
3. Run the Client/Controller software
4. Search for your Server in the Client software and connect
5. If there is a green screen, it should work (D-Pad and Hardware/Software keyboards) , if it is red try to soft reset both devices and try again, if it is till not working cry for help.
PS: If the SIP catches the Letter-Keys, first try to disable any T9 in the SIP. If the problem is still there, try to use another SIP!

Beware, Alpha status!



Known Bugs:

If you like my hard work PLEASE DONATE! :)


Pre-Alpha v4(2010-03-04)
-Feature: Experimental WM Smartphone Client added (Tested on Typhoon with WM 6.1, but should work with any Smartphone with WM5 or higher!)


Pre-Alpha v3(2010-02-23)
-Enhancement: Show Connection Status of the Server
-Enhancement: Controller disables the "Disconnect" Button. You can activate it by touching the form anywhere.
-Enhancement: "Gaming"-Hack for Hardware-Keyboards, that allows to hold and release multiple button, intending the first button is still hold if one of them is released. (Some Keyboards only send a KeyPress Event with the Keys Information, the Releasing Events are the same)
-Enhancement: Show "Idle" Curson on while connecting.
-Readme Mistake: Should work on any WM Device ;)

Pre-Alpha v2(2010-02-18)
-Enhancement: Fix some weird behavoir of Hardware keyboards (They will now allow holding, but all buttons with this behavoir will be released if you release one of them!)
-Enhancement: More stable client.
-Change: Replaced Client sides dropdown with a list. Should be better to select.
-Fix: Clean?!-Exit of the Server, so softresets should not be needed!

Pre-Alpha (2010-02-17)
-Initial Alpha Release

My Website:
SciLor's WiMoBlue Website:
DotNET CF 3.5:


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