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Here's a puzzler of a problem.
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Author:  mikey [ Wed Feb 20, 2013 5:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Here's a puzzler of a problem.

Hope I can word it accurately.

I have been using the downloader for years so like to think I know my way around it.

I have the files set to download into the default download directory in the folder, as it was installed.

I select some tracks to download, they all come down fine.

Then I look into the download directory and they are not there.

I do a system search and find the folder where they have been downloaded.

All the files are there, and guess what? The folder the system search points to IS the correct folder.

I switch back but nothing.

I then CUT and paste the files, and put the in the folder they should be in and it works, does not even ask to overwrite the old ones.

I know it's the correct folder as I used the browse command when setting it up.

Real head scratcher.

I'll leave it in your capable hands.



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