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[2012-01-30]SciLor's GrooveDownloaderWM Alpha v14
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Author:  SciLor [ Mon Jan 30, 2012 6:09 pm ]
Post subject:  [2012-01-30]SciLor's GrooveDownloaderWM Alpha v14

SciLor's GrooveDownloaderWM Alpha v14
Image Image

Lets download again ;)

More Info:

SciLor's GrooveDownloaderWM Alpha v14
                           .. :v
                          c:  .X
                           QM  AM
                           9M  zM
                           6M  AM
                           2M  2MX#MM@1.
                           OM  tMMMMMMMMMM;
                      .X#MMMM  ;MMMMMMMMMMMMv
           MM                                ;M.
           $M                                EM
           #M                                cM
           QM         Another Cake by        tM
           MM              SciLor            CMO
        .MMMM                                oMMMt
      .M1  BM     For all Portal Lovers!     vM  ,Mt
      1M   @M............................... WM   M6
        MM                                      MM.
         @MMY                                vMME
           UMMMbi                        i8MMMt


You will need the .NET Framework

SciLor's GrooveDownloaderWM is a tool for downloading from grooveshark(tm).com.
I am not responsible for any violations to the Terms of Use of grooveshark(tm).com this tool may do. It is more or less a proove of concept.

I am not related to grooveshark(tm).com in any way!



Known Bugs:

If you like my hard work PLEASE DONATE! :)


Alpha v14(2012-01-30)
-Fix: Downloading more than a couple of songs shouldn't make any problem ;)


Alpha v13(2011-11-19)
-Fix: Another change on our nice music webservice

Alpha v12(2011-08-31)
-Fix: Fix empty songnames

Alpha v11(2011-07-20)
-Fix: Fix after a change on the grooveshark(tm).com website.

Alpha v10(2011-04-26)
-Feature: Ignore certificates by creating a "nocert" file
-Fix: Working again after a change on the excelent grooveshark(tm).com webservice.

Alpha v9(2011-03-13)
-Fix: "Cowbell not found" error fixed, due to a change on the very nice grooveshark(tm).com service.

Alpha v8(2010-12-22)
-Fix: Another change on the grooveshark(tm) Website ;)

Alpha v7(2010-12-03)
-Fix: Cowbell problem...

Alpha v6(2010-10-10)
-Enhancement: Nice Icon :)
-Fix: Broken Cab

Alpha v5(2010-09-07)
-Enhancement: misterious "privacy" ;)
-Fix: New revision

Alpha v4(2010-07-18)
-New: Settings dialog, including selection of the download directory and the song renaming patterns(config.xml)
-Enhancement: Better error handling (especially on wrong incoming data)
-Enhancement: Debug tab
-Feature: Popular song search
-Feature: Check by tap on entry
-Feature: Immediately download abortion

Alpha v3(2010-06-23)
-Quickfix: Crash on any search...

Alpha v2(2010-06-23)
-Enhancement: New revision, country fix included ;)
-Fix: Crashes on illegal file characters in track names
-Fix: Language specific characters fixed (letters with circumflexes, points, umlauts etc.)

Alpha v1(2010-05-09)
-Initial Release

My Website:
SciLor's GrooveDownloaderWM Website:


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Author:  Grayson59 [ Tue Mar 13, 2012 7:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [2012-01-30]SciLor's GrooveDownloaderWM Alpha v14

I have downloaded scilors groovedownloader alpha v14, it worked for 1 or 2 days then stopped working. I love this app. someone Please HELP..... Grayson59

Author:  SciLor [ Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [2012-01-30]SciLor's GrooveDownloaderWM Alpha v14

Update soon.

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