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[2013-11-16]SciLor's JGrooveshark™.com Downloader Alpha 19
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Author:  SciLor [ Sat Nov 16, 2013 1:55 pm ]
Post subject:  [2013-11-16]SciLor's JGrooveshark™.com Downloader Alpha 19

SciLor's Java grooveshark™.com Downloader Pre-Alpha v19

Invalid client is fixed ;)

More Info:

Batch Download Script for Unix Bash shell: viewtopic.php?f=229&t=806

SciLor's Java grooveshark(tm).com Downloader Pre-Alpha v19
                           .. :v
                          c:  .X
                           QM  AM
                           9M  zM
                           6M  AM
                           2M  2MX#MM@1.
                           OM  tMMMMMMMMMM;
                      .X#MMMM  ;MMMMMMMMMMMMv
           MM                                ;M.
           $M                                EM
           #M                                cM
           QM         Another Cake by        tM
           MM              SciLor            CMO
        .MMMM                                oMMMt
      .M1  BM     For all Portal Lovers!     vM  ,Mt
      1M   @M............................... WM   M6
        MM                                      MM.
         @MMY                                vMME
           UMMMbi                        i8MMMt


You will need the Java runtime 1.6.

SciLor's Java grooveshark(tm).com Downloader is a tool for downloading music from grooveshark(tm).com.
I am not responsible for any violations to the Terms of Use of grooveshark(tm).com this tool may do. It is more or less a proove of concept.

I am not related to grooveshark(tm).com in any way!


Please open a command line and type: "java -jar SciLorsJGroovesharkDownloader.jar" for usage ;)

Known Bugs:

If you like my hard work PLEASE DONATE! :)


Pre-Alpha 19(2013-11-11)
-Fix: Response Error: invalid client


Pre-Alpha 18.1(2012-05-01)
-Fix: Wrong class
-Fix: CoverArtFilename

Pre-Alpha 18(2012-04-29)
-Fix: Api fixes

Pre-Alpha 17(2012-03-13)
-New: Updater for GrooveFix.xml (Small updates)
-Fix: Grooveshark(tm) changed again...

Pre-Alpha 16 (2012-02-22)
-Fix: Grooveshark(tm) made a little change again :P

Pre-Alpha 15 (2012-02-09)
-Fix: Another change on grooveshark(tm)

Pre-Alpha 14 (2012-01-30)
-Fix: Downloading more than a couple of songs shouldn't make any problem ;)

Pre-Alpha 13 (2012-01-27)
-Fix: Change on grooveshark(tm)

Pre-Alpha 12 (2012-01-22)
-Fix: Problem with quotes in filenames
-Fix: Working in germany now, too =)
-Fix: Should download more than 5 songs in a row now.

-IMPORTANT FOR API USERS: You will need to call the MarkSongAsDownloaded() of a song after downloading!

Pre-Alpha 11 (2012-01-08)
-Fix: Some download problems that some users had
-Fix: No search results for some users

Pre-Alpha 10 (2011-11-19)
-Fix: Another change on our nice webservice ;)

Pre-Alpha v9 (2011-08-31)
-Fix: Songnames all null ;)

Pre-Alpha v8 (2011-07-20)
-Fix: A change on the webservice ;).

Pre-Alpha v7 (2011-06-06)
-API: Several fixes on the api.

Pre-Alpha v6 (2011-06-02)
-API: More features for the internal api, also some javadoc ;).
-Fix: Broken session cleaner (/r)

Pre-Alpha v5 (2011-05-01)
-Enhancement: Gson 1.7.1
-Enhancement: Unlimited search results
-Fix: Problems with special characters in filenames
-Fix: Another change on the website

Pre-Alpha v4 (2011-03-13)
-Enhancement: A bat file for easy usage :P
-Fix: Problems with special characters in filenames
-Fix: Another change on the website

Pre-Alpha v3 (2010-12-24)
-Feature: Cache session, this should increase the speed after the first search :).
-Fix: Another change on the website

Pre-Alpha v2 (2010-12-03)
-Fix: Cowbell error ;)

Pre-Alpha (2010-10-29)
-Initial Release

My Website:
SciLor's Java grooveshark(tm).com Downloader Website:


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Author:  Melker [ Sat Nov 16, 2013 9:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [2013-11-16]SciLor's JGrooveshark™.com Downloader Alpha

Great! Thanks for that update!! :-)

Author:  vato [ Fri Nov 22, 2013 6:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [2013-11-16]SciLor's JGrooveshark™.com Downloader Alpha

Nice. Thanks!

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