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Author:  orlean [ Sat Mar 06, 2010 7:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Future development

Hi SciLor,
I am having real fun with the WiMoBlue.

May I suggest something as obviously you are the one who can do this:

WiMoBlue is very useful for people like me carring more than one phone. (I have HD2 and TYTNII).

I have one suggestion for future development of that application or developing another one:

I would love to transfer the calls (to speak) only on the one phone, not taking out the other. This can be done (I guess) if the second phone is discovered as a ... bluetooth handsfree! Thus if a call comes to the one phone I will be able to accept the call on the other...
Yes, I can use a multipoint bluetooth to perform this task, but actually I have three phones and have not found multipoint blueetooth to support three phones. More - I think that such feature will allow me to dial from the "main" phone and to charge the sim card on the "slave" phone, would it not....

So to write a scenario:
I am driving a car, or working somewhere. I have my HD2 proudly sitting on the dashbord/table. Someone calls me on the kaiser, I see the incoming call on the HD2 and answer from it (or from the bluetooth handsfree).

Author:  SciLor [ Sat Mar 06, 2010 9:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Future development

Dear Orlean,
thank you for using SciLor's WiMoBlue :) (I like it to use in my car, when I need to wait a while, I just attach my HD2 in my Carholder and play a round tekken with my TyTN II as controller :).

First of all, I do not plan to write an handsfree bluetooth driver (as you suggested). It would be also vise versa my idea of controlling (Multiple Servers on one Controller). Anyway it is a nice idea. I will think about features that will may help you in this kind of use.

Thank you for your Feature Request!

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