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Error on adding songs with batch
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Author:  my.n0ne [ Sun Nov 24, 2013 4:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Error on adding songs with batch

Hey Everyone.
I got a strange Error, when I add songs with batch mode and try to download them afterwards!
All songs are blocked with the same error:

Debug Log
[24.11.2013 15:00:36] Verbinde neu...
[24.11.2013 15:00:37] Starte Download anysong.mp3
[24.11.2013 15:00:40] Erfolgreich neu verbunden!
[24.11.2013 15:00:40] Error: System.Exception - Cannot deserialize JSON array (i.e. [1,2,3]) into type 'SciLorsGroovesharkAPI.Groove.Functions.GetStreamKeyFromSongIDEx+GetStreamKeyFromSongIDExResult'.
The deserialized type must be an array or implement a collection interface like IEnumerable, ICollection or IList.
To force JSON arrays to deserialize add the JsonArrayAttribute to the type. Path 'result.24393257', line 1, position 130. ({"header":{"session":"be79c327abde35495eb3854d1067f6ab","serviceVersion":"20100903","prefetchEnabled":true},"result":{"24393257":[]}}) -
"C:\Users\Username\Music\anysong.mp3" deleted!

If I add them by hand and download them then it's in some cases possible.

I cleared the DownloadResults already.
Thank you

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